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One of the great aspects about HundoBall! is that the game lends itself to multiple versions of gameplay. Choose your own adventure! The standard HundoBall! Travel Edition game will come with one Hundo Board and 10 Hundo Balls (5 orange and 5 blue.) 


  • Roundplay- Perhaps the most natural way to play HundoBall is to predetermine an amount of rounds, and compete head to head or with partners to see who can finish with the highest score. For instance, if you wanted to structure a match like bowling, players would each alternate throwing 4 HundoBalls for 10 rounds. Highest total score wins. You may only choose 5 rounds, or 3, or 20. It all depends on how long you want the game to last. (Suggest 2-4 players)

  • Countdown (500) - Similar to the darts games 301, players can predetermine a number to count down from. In the HundoBall game called 500, players alternate throwing HundoBalls until they hit zero. If you go over (or below zero) the game continues until you hit zero precisely. (Suggest 2-4 players)

  • Knockout - Have any number of participants line up. The first player throws a ball. The player behind that person must MEET or BEAT the score of the person ahead of them or they are elminated from the game. (*Any number of players.) 

  • Around The WorldPlayers must compete by tossing HundoBalls in each of the point holes, in order of low to high, starting at 10 and culminating with both 100 (a.k.a Hundo) Holes. (Suggest 2-4 players)

  • Just Kiddin' Around Having tested this game with all age groups, I can tell you definitively that the most unbridled joy I've witnessed has come from kids. No competitions, no keeping score. Just kids throwing the HundoBalls at the board. They absolutely love it. Ain't no party like a HundoBall! party cause a HundoBall! party don't stop. (*Any number of players.) 





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